10 Reasons to Buy Dartfish 9

If you have Dartfish already this is 10 reasons to upgrade!

1.     The Zone Tool

Analysis is all about Who, What, When and Where. Most software’s are fine at capturing the Who, What and When but struggle with the Where. A turnover or poor pass in your defending zone is a lot more dangerous than one in the opponent’s half. You need to know Where events happened, not just that they happened.

Dartfish’s Zone Tool allows you do just that.

Zone Tool 1

Simply create as many zones as you need, all overlaid on one image.

2.     The Zone Tool

Yes, it’s so good it gets a mention twice. There are 2 ways to use the zone tool and the 2nd way marks Dartfish out against all its competitors. You can use the Zone Tool to give you co-ordinates on the pitch. For example, here is a screen shot of Tennis Serve placement


And here is an example from Football


Dartfish allows you easily Tag/Code this information using the Zone Tool and then you can use Excel or Tableau to make the nice graphics. This added value of visual information instead of just a table of results is what players and managers are looking for. The Dartfish Zone Tool will have you the envy of all your colleagues.

3.     Dartfish Note

In 2016 it’s all about mobile. While it’s still necessary to do the heavy lifting of analysis on a desktop, you need a mobile solution for in-game stats and to speed up the entire analysis process. Dartfish Note (which you can download and try out for free) is a great App for being able to capture the basics at the side of the pitch. This means you can give players and coaches key facts as the game is progressing while you are also capturing the key events to later synchronise with your video.


Note is fully customizable and you can start from a blank template or one of the pre-loaded starter panels.

4.     Dartfish Express

You’re at the training ground and would love to do some quick analysis with a player. In the olden days (say 2 years ago) this involved getting a laptop, camera and all sorts of cables set up. Now it’s just as easy to take out your mobile device and start recording. Want to play the clip in slow motion, compare one player to another , draw some angles or lines to help the player understand – no problem. Once you are done you can simply pop the phone away or even better why not upload it for the player to review for himself when he gets home from practice.


5.     Dartfish TV

Dartfish TV is really the Glue that holds everything together. Sure you can upload video to a host of sites, pay little or nothing to have it hosted and share it with your team. But Dartfish TV is different. This cloud technology allows you upload tagged content. Once you have finished tagging your game you can now upload the entire game, including the tags (events) and allow your players or managers search and replay the clips they need to see.


No need to make a playlist for every player or type of event. The player’s click the dedicated secure link and can simply search for the event they want to watch.

This is not just video on any device, its tagged, searchable video on any device. Players get to watch the clips before they come to training saving you valuable time to spend more time on the practice field.

6.     Synchronization

syncA MyDartfish account allows you synchronize everything. That video you took with express on the field – well now it’s sync’d with your Ipad back at the office.

That game you tagged on Note – now you want to attach it to the video, no problem. Simply publish the Notebook from your mobile device, open Tagging on your desktop and now you can import those tags and it will save you loads of time.

This is one of the great advantages of Dartfish Note, while it’s impossible to capture everything in real-time you can get a lot of the basics done during the game and then add the detail later, without having to start over.

7.     AverMedia Video Capture

The Live Gamer Portable from AverMedia is a wonderful device. Costing just £XXX this device allows you capture a live stream from a TV, camcorder or even a web stream. Ever heard the term Monday morning quarter back? It refers to the idea of being able to see what ‘should’ have happened after the event. At the elite end of sport, we don’t have time to be right on Monday, we need to get the critical decisions right on the day. Sometimes that might be instinct, sometimes it might be data and other times you just need to show the coach or players what happened.


A great little added bonus here is the device doesn’t require an extra power source, so in tight spots or where you can’t plug in this works great.

8.     Blackmagic Pro Recorder

This device is similar in functionality to the AverMedia but with some very nice added features. First you have more control over the video setting and hence the video quality. Secondly, This magic box converts the video to the H.264 format, an industry standard in video codec’s and a small but high quality format. Thirdly, is that in Tagging Live, yes Dartfish allows you record and tag at the same time, the Pro Recorder allows you review anywhere along the timeline while continuing to record. Want to review something while the ball is out of play, no problem. Then just click the return to live button and you’ve caught up with the live action.

File_000 (1)

9.     Easy Export To Excel

Most people are happy to use just the video part of software, but data has a big role to play. Some software programmes (that cost a lot more than Dartfish) don’t allow you export any video. Dartfish couldn’t make it easier for you.

Want to export the table? Just right click.

Want to export the full data set, that’s easy. Export Events.

You can export the data and then produce all the graphs and visualisations you need in Excel. Build nice dashboards so you can send on your reports once your tagging is done.


import-software10.Import From Other Software

You can import events from other software programmes (why would you use anything else after reading the 10 points above). But if you already use Sportscode or Opta and want to import that data into Dartfish now you can.

We already have some clients who wish to use the Zone Tool (2) with their existing Sportscode software, so now they import the video and tags to Dartfish, apply the zone tool to some of their data and visualize using Excel.


Here is the added bonus. Miraculously the Price of Dartfish Premium (ConnectPlus desktop software, MyDartfishCloud with 50GB of storage space and Dartfish Note, with synchronization capabilities) is available for just €700

Click here to learn more and signup for a free trial.

I promise you won’t find a desktop software with the capabilities of Dartfish 9, a Tagging App and a Cloud hosting solution for less than that.


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