10 Reasons to Buy Dartfish

Save time1. Saves time – Rather than spend hours watching the same game over and over again, Dartfish allows you to break the      game down so you can quickly review the key aspects and easily present it back to the players.

2. Don’t rely on your memory – Research has shown that coaches can only remember about 30% of events accurately but with video analysis you can increase that percentage significantly.

3. Deal in facts, not fiction – You can stop having arguments with the players about what you think happened and instead review the video and see what actually happened. fact

4. Ease of Use – There’s no need to be an IT professional to learn Dartfish.  Most users have started with limited IT skills but after 1 or 2 games are analyzing like pros.

5. Share videos online – With Dartfish TV, your analysis is no longer stuck on the analysts computer.  You can now easily share with the rest of the coaching staff and players.

6. Import from any source – Whether you want to analyse live during the game or import from camcorders or memory sticks or even copy a DVD, Dartfish supports all of these and more.  In fact it’s the only video analysis software with a built in DVD importer.

support7. Support and Training – Both Rob and Stephen are certified Dartfish trainers.  They are passionate about Dartfish and want to see it used to it’s max at all times.  They’re both always available for questions and support if needed.

8. Analyse your team and the opposition – Dartfish does not restrict the number of category sets or buttons on screen so you can analyse as little or as much as you want, so breaking down your opponents game plan has never been easier.

9. Free App – Dartfish Easytag is available on IOS and Android and allows you quickly and efficiently take live stats during a game so you can give feedback to the coaching staff.  You can later synchronize with the video.

10. Affordable Solution – Despite being used by some of the best sports organisation and athletes in the world Dartfish is still an affordable solution for semi-elite and grass root coaches.  Dartfish have a number of different packages to suit your sport.

Please contact us for any further information: Rob Carroll – 087 6590357/Stephen Carroll – 087 2559415


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