Applying Common Sense to Wide Count – Rob Carroll

Here’s a snippet and a few quotes from an article that appeared in The Irish Examiner on June 17, 2013.

By Michael Moynihan


Inspired by Michael Lewis’s Moneyball, Rob Carroll has taken to crunching the numbers in GAA — but discovered one manager’s fish is another’s foul when it comes to stats.

He decided to analyse as many games as possible beginning in 2011; the only obstacle was the absence of data, which doesn’t exist in the GAA to the extent it does in other sports, notably baseball.

“GAA teams were collecting bits and pieces of information themselves but I got a couple of students on board then and examined the televised championship games that season.

“There’s a difference between what a team wants, what a governing body wants and what the media want. We’re still so early in GAA statistics, though, that you can’t turn around and say ‘that stat is useless’.

“So along with actually collecting the information, we’re trying to work out what’s useful and what’s not along the way.”

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