Cardio Scan the certified testing concept for the Sport Fitness , Healthcare Markets Sports Clubs and Associations. 

6 reasons why users choose Cardio Scan:

  1. Benefit from the growing trend in Medical Fitness and attract new customers.
  2. Stand out in this highly competitive market and create a great selling point.
  3. Develop highly effective training plans based on real data.
  4. Develop certified competence for the health and wellness market.
  5. Use the all-round support of Cardio Scan for your marketing.
  6. Speak to new audiences who previously would not join a fitness club.  Motivate a new range of clients in the area of Health and Fitness.

At the heart of Cardio-scan is patented imaging software. Electrodes attached to ankles and wrists digitize the heart’s electric impulses which convert the signals of a traditional ECG into a three-dimensional, colour-coded heart portrait (Electrocardioportrait).

Reading the Electrocardioportrait is as intuitive as a traffic light: A healthy heart portrait appears green; deviations are shown in yellow and red. Cardio-scan also gauges the stress level by measuring heart rate variability (HRV). HRV is the time between each heart beat and is measured in milliseconds.

HRV is affected by factors such as age, gender, metabolic activity, psychological and physiological stress and physical fitness levels. Cardio-scan classifies deviations from normal heart conditions with a score from 0.0 (critical) to 5.0 (excellent).

It also assigns a stress ranking. Cardio Scan visualises the current stress level and shows the indicated value ranked on a scale from 0% (low) to 100% (high). Ref Cardiac Stress Index (CSI)

The information provided from this two (2) minute assessment includes;

  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rhythm
  • 3 Dimensional Cardio-portrait
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Cardiac Stress Index
  • Training Condition

N.B. The Cardio-scan interprets the client data and if any heart condition is detected will provide specific instructions to the Personal Trainer or health professional e.g. refer to Cardiologist.

The Cardio Scan is based on digital ECG technology. In just 2 minutes, it is possible individual stress, general condition and the specific condition of the heart can be clearly understandable. This is shown in a 3-dimensional colour picture.

With a Cardio Scan you can detect cardiovascular health risks and respond accordingly so that risks can be reduced by lifestyle changes or if necessary referred on to a doctor for further examination.

All measured results are stored in the computer. At a subsequent measurement, the preceding data are searched for so that the user has all relevant information to hand.

Below are three examples of an ECP Cardio Scan 1. The colours green and blue give a healthy heart again with low stress indicator. Heart Rating: 4.9 (excellent) Stress Level: 5% (good) 2. Larger red areas and a purple “roof” indicate a worsening heart condition. Heart Rating: 0 (bad) Stress Level: 100% (bad) 3. The colours yellow and red (similar to a traffic light) are warnings, more attention is       needed. Heart Rating: 3.3 (normal) Stress Level: 45% (risky).