Clive Woodward Talks About Dartfish

Here’s a few snippets from a really interesting article about Clive Woodward and his use of Dartfish as his latest weapon in delivering sporting success from The Telegraph


Sir Clive Woodward was the director of Elite Performance for the British Olympic Association.

One of his slogans in his previous tenure as head coach of the England team, a time defined both by his methods and his victories, was typical of his efforts to do anything to gain an advantage: “If you win in IT, you tend to win”.

He insists that by winning the technology war you not only stay one step ahead of your opponents, but you also win the respect of your athletes, who feel confident they are being coached by a team breaking new ground.

What is Dartfish? 
Dartfish is a Swiss video solutions provider. Many sporting bodies such as the British Olympic Association and the United States Olympic Committee use the software to analyse how their athletes are performing in training. Chelsea and Manchester United football clubs use the Dartfish Team Pro product to integrate their GPS data on top of a video to add relevance to the statistics.

What are their success stories (apart from Team GB)? 

Imag_Stromotion_Usain_Jacques(3)Dartfish software helped win 162 medals at the Winter Olympics, but it can also lay claim to helping Usain Bolt break the 100m world record at the Berlin World Championships, beating his previous mark from Beijing. “Usain Bolt’s coach phoned me in 2009 and I sold them some licenses to the software,” says Reilly. “They use it very basically. They line up the camera along the track, let him do his run and then come back and make minor adjustments. Just before Berlin he adjusted his start and by all accounts ran pretty quick.”


Team GB won 29 gold medals and a total of 65 medals in the Olympic Games in 2012.

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