Dartfish and it’s involvement in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

download (1)The Winter Olympics in Sochi may be over but all the Dartfish users are still celebrating their medal wins a couple of weeks on.  A whopping 68% of medal winners were Dartfish users.  There’s no arguing with those numbers!

Host nation Russia were also top of the winners table winning a total of 33 medals.  Vic Wild, a Russian snowboarder, won 2 Gold medals and credits Dartfish as his “most useful coach”.

“Dartfish allows for us to look at where we are fast and where we need to be quicker through the turns and also allows us to look at what we are doing in slow motion. It is incredibly important when you are trying to get the most out of your riding. For me Dartfish with the overlay tool and slow motion is my most useful coach.”

Olympic_Luge_sledWe previously blogged about the US Luge Team who turned to GoPro cameras and Dartfish software to shave seconds off their times and Erin Hamlin, a US Luge competitor, made history after winning a bronze medal in the Luge Wonen’s Singles event.  Hamlin finished third, grabbing the first medal for any American singles luge athlete at the Olympics, 50 years after luge first appeared at the games.

For a more comprehensive look at some more Dartfish users and winners take a look at this blog post by Dartfish


If you want to know more about Dartfish and how it can work for you, your athlete or your team check out our website here.



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