Dartfish Conference 2014

Dartfish Conference

Do you:

  • Want to improve how quickly you analyse a game?
  • Want to improve how you share your video with players and coaches?
  • Want to learn more about live tagging?

Dartfish has changed, what started as a desktop only software has now turned into a complete video solution. There are now 3 different apps available, which allow you tag live and share more easily with coaches and players. Dartfish TV and the software has improved each year and now offer a much easier way to share your analysis with more people.

This event is a great opportunity to learn how these apps can improve your video analysis process, how the improvement in Dartfish TV will save you time and how it can be used by the whole coaching staff.

The event is FREE – Regardless of whether you use the software at it’s most basic level or you currently use Dartfish TV – the Conference will show you ways to improve in all areas of your analysis.

If you would like to book on to this FREE conference please click on the link below to register:


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