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In College’s all over Ireland Dartfish is being thought. Not something we could have said back in 2004 when we started. It is a great move forward for performance/video analysis in Ireland in general.

All of the students attending colleges such as Carlow IT, IT Blanchardstown, Tralee IT, Cork Institute of Technology, UCC and DCU (and nearly every other college), are getting great exposure to Dartfish and how it can help their future careers.

Of most note are probably DCU, Carlow IT and Blanchardstown IT; these college will all be teaching Tagging as part of their curriculum. This will mean all the students studying sports courses in these colleges will have exposure to Dartfish for both Technical and Tactical Analysis.

This can only be a good development for Irish Sport. These students will be going out into the workforce with an invaluable skill and qualification on their CV. For video analysis in general it means as a country we will have so many more people qualified in the area and that can only raise the standard for everyone.

Presently there are only 2 people qualified in Ireland to supply performance analysis service support to our high performance athletes. Hopefully this will change over the coming months and years.

Exciting time for Performance & Video Analysis in this country and a great time to be a student.

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