What is Dartfish

Dartfish is video analysis software to allow you break down a game into small sections of highlights so you can review the game with your team in a more efficient manor.

Dartfish is used at international, inter-county, club and schools level both in Ireland and around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. Do you need to have a high powered laptop to run Dartfish?

A. No. You can find the official spec here. But basically any laptop bought in the last 2 – 3 years should work perfectly. If you are buying a new laptop, the one key thing to do is get a high powered processor. IF you are unsure about anything just drop us a line.

Q. Can you change the tagging panel?

A. Yes. The tagging panel can be totally designed by you. Regardless of your sport or the particulars you want to analyse, there is no limit or restrictions to designing your tagging panel. You will be shown how to do this in the training session that comes with any match analysis package.

Q. Is Dartfish hard to use?

A. Definitely not. The nature of sport in Ireland is that it is amateur, therefore the people operating Dartfish are not full time computer experts, they come from all walks of life. Training comes with all our match analysis packages, so you will shown how to do everything you need to operate Dartfish correctly.

Q. Does the footage need to be from TV?

A. Definitely not. In fact you are probably better off if it is not. TV tend to show you action shots which are of little use when analysing a game. You are much better having your own footage – usually best if shot from the half-way line.