Dublin Footballers Win Sam

A big congrats to Dublin on winning the All Ireland Football Championship. Dublin were the first county to come on board with Dartfish. There analyst back in 2005 Ray Boyne made the brave decision to go with Dartfish and Hasn’t looked back since.

In the week leading up to the final you could find Ray diligently watching the players as they trained, all the time tagging what he sees on Dartfish EasyTag.

It’s been a long time coming and through the work we have seen Ray put in it has been well deserved. Congrats to all the team.

It also makes it two all Ireland’s in 2 years for Dartfish with Cork winning last year and now Dublin.

One thought on “Dublin Footballers Win Sam

  1. Rob & Steve, thank you for all the help, this year and the last number of years. Can’t speak highly enough of easytag.

    Ray Boyne

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