Go Beyond Testing

Jump training is one of the world’s most widely used techniques for the development of speed, power and agility in sport.

While other contact mats are available for basic testing of jump movements, SMARTJUMP actually provides ground-breaking real-time visual and audio feedback to your athletes, giving you complete control over quality, safety and effectiveness of your jump training program.

Biofeedback is the most powerful form of learning, and SMARTJUMP can deliver it on every jump. Ensure contact times, power and other crucial aspects of performance are right where you want them.

Can you tell the difference between a good foot contact and a poor one? With a difference of milliseconds between good and bad foot contact times, controlling the quality of power training is almost impossible. Just switch on real time feedback mode and SMARTJUMP gives immediatefeedback to you and your athletes on every jump.

Quality control Ensure all of your jump training is performed correctly and safely
Maximise benefits Make your athletes faster and more powerful by perfecting power training
Quick & easy Use in daily training for monitoring your athletes’ performance and recovery
Motivation & competition Simply set the standard and let athletes compete for real time visual feedback
Versatility Use in plyometric training, performance and recovery monitoring, technique development Use in the field with SMARTSPEED to measure contact times during sprinting Many new research possibilities

Demo of the Fusion Jump Testing and Training System.

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