SMARTSPEED is the world’s first Reactive Training, Coaching and Testing System.

This is not simply a fitness testing system. SMARTSPEED actually enhances your training, testing or research environments on a daily basis. From basic wireless timing to advanced tactical drills involving 30-40 athletes, SMARTSPEED is limited only by your imagination.

Whether you are a pro coach, sport scientist, school teacher or researcher, SMARTSPEED will quickly become the most useful piece of equipment in your program.

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Time-saving Completely wireless, multilane timing straight into windows reduces testing time by 70%
Motivation Real-time feedback drives athlete to give 200% effort on every drill
Versatility Everything from warm-up to cool down and everything in between
Exciting and challenging Revolutionary drills for reaction time, vision and decision making
Not just speed work World first pacing drills for all endurance testing and training
Sessions of all sizes Single athlete drills to multi-player teamwork drills and games involving your whole squad
Highly specific Offensive and defensive game simulations that will have your athlete ready to win Loved by athletes of all ages and abilities

Dartfish & SmartSpeed Integration