Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the natural variation of the time lapse between each heart beat (RR or beat-to-beat interval).

HRV indicates the fluctuations of heart rate around an average heart rate. An average heart rate of 60 beats per minute (bpm) does not mean that the interval between successive heartbeats would be exactly 1.0 sec; instead they may fluctuate/vary from 0.5 sec up to 2.0 sec.

HRV is affected by aerobic fitness. HRV of a well-conditioned heart is generally large at rest. Other factors that affect HRV are age, genetics, body position, time of day, and health status. During exercise, HRV decreases as heart rate and exercise intensity increase. HRV also decreases during periods of mental stress.

HRV is regulated by the autonomic nervous system. Parasympathetic activity decreases heart rate and increases HRV, whereas sympathetic activity increases heart rate and decreases Variability.

Why do Heart Rate Variability analysis the Hosand way?

1.  Hosand HRV test is an easy to administer 5 minute daily test. It can be done at home or on arrival at training.

2.  The test is an individualized assessment of each athlete and allows for the coach see the how a match, training or indeed life’s other stressors have effected each individual athletes.

3.  The Training workload can be scheduled according to changes within the overall situation of each athlete.

4.  The athlete’s physical condition can be tracked over time.  Daily notes can be added for improved assessment.

5.  The simple to use software allows you to quickly do a daily assessment and also to track over time .

Daily Report

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