ICT in Schools

There was an articles today on the Silicon Republic website about the use of ICT in Schools. They are finding fantastic results where ICT has been incorporated into the Curriculum. I think most telling is this section of the article;

“Crucially, they do not view ICT as a separate subject with a focus on equipping students with basic computer skills; rather, they integrate ICT right throughout the curriculum, thereby equipping their pupils with the digital literacy skills so vital for progression in 21st-century life.

This integration of ICT in the Curriculum is something I have seen a lot of in the UK, but hasn’t quite caught on here yet – no doubt due in part to the lack of funding from the Government. However I think there are plenty of ways for schools to start the process before major money needs to be invested. – Ever thought of getting your students to make a facebook profile of a famous historical figure?

Dartfish (Video Analysis) is being used in nearly 2,000 schools in the UK. Originally it was something that started off as purely a PE tool but has grown into a truly Cross-Curricular tool now. Being used in subjects like Drama, Music, French, Geography, Woodwork etc…

For some great examples you could check out the Dartfish Education Channel.

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