Inertial Training




What is EPTE® Inertial Concept?

EPTE® Inertial Concept is the only device on the market which has been designed from the start thinking about the recovery and rehabilitation from injuries and that allows a complete workout in a small place

It increases the force, resistence and the power of the muscles. Faster and efficient recoveries.

EPTE® Inertial Concept is taking a revolution in the inertial training because

  • It is versatile and can accelerate the recovery and rehabilitation from injuries.
  • It can develop the muscle structure.
  • It prevents injuries.

With this inertial device you can adjust the kinds of loads, movements and working power depending on the type of injury and work on the eccentric phase of the movements as well as on the concentric phase, obtaining more strength and building muscles.





EPTE® Inertial Concept enhance the eccentric phase of the exercise. As described in several studies (Tous 2005, Caruso 2005 ), in the concentric phase a muscle damage is produces and this facilitates the adaptation of muscle to the movement or gesture that it has to perform, thereby preventing possible injuries.


The design of EPTE Inertial Concept  guarantees smooth and progressive return on the eccentric phase of the exercise, by a movement of forces, avoiding bumping or pulling that could cause small injuries, as the power that the subject has to exert is already enough to make the effort required in each case. This means that the device can be used by everyone, from a professional athlete to an amateur, of any age and physical condition.

The device double pulley can work freely and therefore imitate gestures from sports to everyday tasks, involving a lot of muscle chains, both in the upper and the lower part of the body.

Great Example of some of the exercises possible of the Inertial device