Morning Heart Rate and “Functional” Overtraining

iStock_000019281067XSmall-200There’s a great article on about Heart Rate Variability and overtraining and how weekly averages rather than daily measurements, help you keep tabs on fatigue.

Here’s a few snippets from the article:

There’s an interesting article just published inMedicine & Science in Sports & Exercise on “evidence of parasympathetic hyperactivity” as a marker of overtraining. It has some interesting insights on the causes and underlying physiology of pushing too hard

The basics: French researchers took a bunch of well-trained triathletes and divided them into two groups. Both groups spent one week doing regular training; then for the next three weeks, the control group continued regular training, while the other group ramped up their training by 40%; then both groups tapered for a week before a final performance test.

Each morning, when the subjects woke up, they took four minutes of heart-rate data before getting up for the first time, and then another four minute of data after standing up. The heart-rate data included simple measures like average heart rate, as well as more sophisticated analysis of heart-rate variability.

To see the results of these tests and to read the rest of the article click on the link below:

To know more about HRV and how it can work for you click here.

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