Online Video Analysis Course

performance-profiling-screen-shot-300x168We are delighted to announce that Robert Carroll from Toca Sports has developed an Online Performance Analysis Course after almost 10 years working as an Analyst.  There are so many coaches and analysts who are starting out and want to learn more about analysis but can’t afford the money or time to go back to full time education. At present there are very few education opportunities available outside the UK & Ireland and even fewer online options.

Rather than build an off-line course that forced you to get to a certain venue on a certain day Robert wanted to build something that coaches could ‘attend’ from anywhere in the world. Online offers the chance to share his experience with as many people as possible.  He has also enlisted the expertise of Stuart Lierich and Ben Alamar who are both specialists in their areas and have a wealth of experience to share with you.

The course is broken into a series of video lectures (over 400 mins of video) lasting between 5 and 15 mins and you can log in and watch them whenever and wherever you want. They key is that you can continue your learning and you won’t have to leave your house! There’s a strong community around the course so it’s filled with opportunities to ask questions and chat with other coaches (and Robert also) from around the world.

We really hope you will check the course out and get involved. You can see all the details here…


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