Robert Carroll from Toca Sports selected as International Rules Analyst

international-rules-2-501x500Robert Carroll from Toca Sports has been selected as the official analyst for the 2013 International Rules team.  It’s very exciting news.  Just in case you don’t know what International Rules is here’s a brief explanation.

It is a team sport consisting of a hybrid of rules from Gaelic Football and Aussie Rules.  The rules are designed to provide a compromise between those of the two codes, with Gaelic football players being advantaged by the use of a round ball and a rectangular field (Australian rules uses an oval ball and field), while the Australian rules football players benefit from the opportunity to tackle between the shoulders and thighs, something banned in Gaelic football. 

Points are scored as follows:

  • In the goal net (a goal): 6 points, umpire waves green flag and raises both index fingers.
  • Over the crossbar and between the two large posts (an over): 3 points, umpire waves red flag and raises one arm above his head.
  • Between a large post and a small post (a behind): 1 point, umpire waves white flag and raises one index finger.


Keep an eye on the website as Rob is going to follow up with a blog post on his experience in the camp and maybe a few insider insights too!


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