SENSORIZE specializes in the development of professional monitoring devices specifically designed to meet the needs of all sports professionals: accuracy, reliability, and portability.

SENSORIZE products are compact, wireless and designed to be used without interfering with performance. They combine 3D motion sensing technology (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems), wireless transmission, and user-friendly software (comprehensive database, advanced mathematical algorithms).

Free Power

Functional evaluation in less than 100 grams

In the world of competitive sports athletes find that they are their own fiercest opponents. When the goal is to optimize performance, it becomes crucial that athletes accurately measure and analyze their own

  • free-power-graphFreePower is specifically designed for strength assessment and monitoring directly on the field by offering the ultimate stand-alone solution to evaluate the most common tests employed by strength coaches.
  • FreePower is structured in various modules so that it meets the needs of both sport-specific and evaluation-specific tests.
  • FreePower is for the athlete: small, wearable, wireless, and does not interfere with the sports technique.
  • FreePower is for the coach: totally portable, zero installation time, immediate results, quick tests.
  • FreePower is accurate and reliable. FreePower is the first wearable, wireless, and portable product on the market that provides real-time feedback about athlete’s performance.


FreePower Training is specifically designed for the real time evaluation and the assessment of strength training with weight machines and weight bars. Measuring directly the acceleration that the athlete imposes on the weight pack, FreePower Training calculates the
velocity of the moving pack and consequently the muscular power exerted by the athlete.

FreePower Training can be used to:

  • Create a muscular profile in terms of power-load and velocity-load curves, and determine optimal load and 1RM
  • Perform training with real-time feedback based on muscular profile
  • Perform training with real time feedback


FreePower Jump offers the ultimate stand alone solution to analyze different jumping tasks, also known as Bosco Jump Tests:

  • Countermovement jumps
  • Squat jumps
  • Repeated countermovement jumps
  • Stiffness test

FreePower Jump outputs commonly used parameters such as jump height, flight time, maximum velocity and force, muscular power, eccentric and concentric work, fatigue and stiffness indices, and much more.