A traumatic event affecting the musculoskeletal system forces a person to a period of immobilization. With the rehabilitation process, the therapist has to bring the patient to a complete recover of both joint functionality and muscle strength and get him ready to return to his normal daily activities. Moreover, if the patient is an athlete, the rehabilitation program has to ensure an early and safe return to sport.

FreeRehab is the technological solution born to provide the therapist with objective data characterizing the functionality of an injured joint over the whole rehabilitation program.

FreeRehab allows the assessment of joint mobility ROM and muscle strength SR providing evidence to clinical decision making and assisting doctors and therapists in objectively monitoring the progresses of the recovery and the efficacy of the therapy.

FreeRehab is based on an inertial sensors system connected wirelessly to software via Bluetooth communication. The software consists of a module for the assessment of joint mobility (Range of Motion, ROM) and a module for the assessment and monitoring of muscle strength (Strength Recovery, SR).

For the ROM testing the device can be positioned on a body segment using a specifically designed holder support (ROM module) For the SR evaluation the device can be attached on the weight stack of any muscular machine through a magnetic pocket (SR module). The user is free to choose their own test protocol for the assessment of joint mobility (ROM) and muscle strength (SR): all data is sent wirelessly in real-time to the Free Rehab software and will show the functionality of the injured joint.

Technical features



  • Scientifically-validated inertial sensors system
  • Pocket-sized and lightweight;
  • Long duration battery (over than 24 h)
  • Wireless Bluetooth communication


  • Scientifically-validated computational algorithms
  • Real-time data (graphs and numerical indicators)
  • User-friendly interface, intuitive database and personal data research
  • Export of the evaluation report in a PDF format
  • Modular architecture for the software.


With FreeRehab the therapist will be able to;

  • Perform a preliminary evaluation of the physical condition of the injured person by filling the assessment questionnaires within the software, recommended by the international scientific community;
  • Quantify the deficit of mobility between the injured joint and the healthy one;
  • Quantify the deficit of muscle strength between the injured joint and the healthy one;
  • Keep track of the pain perceived by the patient  in correspondence to each evaluation;
  • Monitor in real-time muscle power exerted by muscles through a visual bio-feedback during resistance training exercises performed using the injured joint;
  • Report the recovery progress during every stage of the rehabilitation;
  • Share the relevant report with the patient and the reference doctor.