Sochi American Winter Olympic Lugers Turn to Dartfish

Olympic_Luge_sledWho’s watching the Winter Olympics at the moment?  I for one am loving it.  Have you heard of Luging?  It’s a small one or two person sled and steering is done by flexing the sled’s runners with the calf of each leg or exerting opposite shoulder pressure to the seat.  Of the three Olympic sliding sports, which include bobsleigh and skeleton, luge is the fastest and most dangerous. Lugers can reach speeds of 140 km per hour (87 mph).  Lugers compete against a timer and are timed to a thousandth of a second, making luge one of the most precisely timed sports in the world.

The US Luge team have turned to GoPro cameras and Dartfish software to shave seconds off their times.  So far, Erin Hamlin, a US Luge competitor, has made history after winning a bronze medal in the Luge Wonen’s Singles event.  Hamlin finished third, grabbing the first medal for any American singles luge athlete at the Olympics, 50 years after luge first appeared at the games.

For more information on Luge and the US teams efforts click on the link below.


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