Robert Carroll’s GAA Conference Presentation

As I’m sure you’re aware our very own Robert Carroll was chosen to be part of the Researchers Forum as part of the GAA National Games Development Conference 2014 which took place at the start of January.

Robert’s presentation was based on the Performance Characteristics of Senior Inter County Gaelic Football Games.  In short Robert’s research looked at the average football performance and what the main differences between top and bottom teams were.

To watch the full presentation click on the video below.


GAA Match Analysis Made Easy and Free


Ainle O’Caireallain from ACLAI Health & Performance posted a great article on GAA match analysis and how it has become more and more important for teams to use some sort of a method to record and analyse their games, training etc.

Ainle goes through the use of the pen and paper method and also the Dartfish EasyTag App.  It’s a great, concise and interesting article and worth a read.

Click on the link below to read the article in full:

Home Where the Heart is in Qualifier Campaign – Rob Carroll

Rob Carroll from TOCA Sports got a mention on The Independent site this morning in an article written by Colm Keys

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Matthew Donnelly, Tyrone Vs Kildare (14-4-2013)

A home draw in the qualifiers is worth its weight in gold, especially if it involves two teams from the same division in the league, an analysis of results from 2008 to 2012 shows.

Rob Carroll, who looks after the website, found that when teams from the same division played each other there was an 81pc success rate from 16 games for the home side.

Only once have two Division 1 teams met in a qualifier, outside of the last round, in the five years involved.

In contrast, all games, some of which may involve huge disparity in standards, saw a home success rate of 55.91pc from 93 games.

The 81.25pc home record for teams from the same division is significant because this weekend’s qualifier games involve Kildare and Tyrone (Division 1), and Wexford/Laois and Galway/ Armagh in Division 2.

The research also found that when teams from the same or one division apart played each other at non-neutral grounds there was a 59.66pc rate of home success.

As the gap between the league divisions got greater (two to three divisions apart) the figure for home wins dipped to 48.39pc as the natural gap between the respective teams kicked in.

An Irish Independent analysis of home advantage in the league last year found that the success rate for the hosts was 60pc.


To find out more about Gaelic Stats click on the image above

Dartfish 6.0 Zone Tool

This is a quick tutorial on how to make even better use of the new Zone Tool in Dartfish. This would have been almost impossible to do in previous versions of Dartfish (and is still difficult to do in our competitors software).

Hopefully this tutorial will give you a feel for what is possible from the new 6.0

Remember this is the same tool being used by this year’s All Ireland Champions Dublin, last year’s champions Cork and almost everybody else in Irish Sport.


Ball in Play Worry for GAA – Rob Carroll

The following article appeared in the Irish Independent on Tuesday. If you are interested in learning more about the stats mentioned in the article or about the analysis service we offer please get in touch.

By Colm Keys

Tuesday October 11 2011

The ball was in play for an average of 34 minutes and 38 seconds per-match during this year’s GAA football championships, it has emerged.

Statistics compiled by performance analyst Robert Carroll show that Gaelic football championship matches enjoyed just 46pc of action — inclusive of added-time — in this summer’s championship.

Carroll took his information from the 29 games televised live over the summer and concluded that the figure is considerably lower than the AFL average, which is 60pc.

‘Ball-in-play’ does not include the time between when a foul is committed and when play resumes or when the ball goes outside the pitch parameters, according to Carroll.

The most action, as defined by Carroll, was seen in theLeinster football final between Dublin and Wexford in July, when the ball remained in play for 41 minutes and 55 seconds. This was the only game where the 40-minute barrier was passed.

The smallest amount of actual playing time was recorded in the Ulster quarter-final between Tyrone and Monaghan, which had just 30 minutes and 39 seconds of action.

“A 46pc figure would be low by comparison to other sports,” said Carroll. “The AFL is now 60pc and has probably jumped 10pc over the last decade.”

Carroll, from Toca Sports, pointed out that there were 21 more shots at goal in the Dublin’s clash with Wexford than there were in the Tyrone and Monaghan game.

“From looking at these games it becomes apparent how persistent fouling is interrupting games,” said Carroll. “That is the biggest time-killer.”

One of the highest figures of ‘ball in play’ (38.41) was recorded in the Connacht semi-final between Roscommon and Leitrim in Carrick-on-Shannon, on one of the wettest championship Sundays.

Carroll is hoping to provide a database of such statistics in the coming years which may provide an insight into the changing trends in Gaelic football.

– Colm Keys

Irish Independent

Dartfish League Champions

GAA League Champions

The league finals for Division 1,2,3 & 4 were held at the weekend and it was a great weekend for Dartfish. The division 1,2,3 & 4 winners were all Dartfish users. A big congrats to Louth on winning the division 4 final, Longford were successful in division 3 and Donegal in division 2.

Also, commiserations to the 3 losers in those finals, who are Dartfish users as well. I’m sure both the winners and losers will take great heart from having reached that stage of the final and will hope to progress a lot further come championship time.

Dartfish University

Dartfish 3rd Level College’s & Universities

Dartfish Video Analysis Students

In College’s all over Ireland Dartfish is being thought. Not something we could have said back in 2004 when we started. It is a great move forward for performance/video analysis in Ireland in general.

All of the students attending colleges such as Carlow IT, IT Blanchardstown, Tralee IT, Cork Institute of Technology, UCC and DCU (and nearly every other college), are getting great exposure to Dartfish and how it can help their future careers.

Of most note are probably DCU, Carlow IT and Blanchardstown IT; these college will all be teaching Tagging as part of their curriculum. This will mean all the students studying sports courses in these colleges will have exposure to Dartfish for both Technical and Tactical Analysis.

This can only be a good development for Irish Sport. These students will be going out into the workforce with an invaluable skill and qualification on their CV. For video analysis in general it means as a country we will have so many more people qualified in the area and that can only raise the standard for everyone.

Presently there are only 2 people qualified in Ireland to supply performance analysis service support to our high performance athletes. Hopefully this will change over the coming months and years.

Exciting time for Performance & Video Analysis in this country and a great time to be a student.

Dartfish TV March 2011

Tomorrow is an exciting day for Dartfish. A new version of Dartfish TV is going to be launched especially aimed at the team sports market. While there are plenty of teams currently using Dartfish TV this latests development will significantly enhance the benefits it offers.

Dartfish TV has been a big it in the GAA with All Ireland Winners Cork & Dublin Ladies recently renewing. Dartfish TV offers a solution our competitors simply can’t match and in an amateur sporting environment it is especially useful to share videos virtually with your management team and players. Take a look at the video below for the new features launching tomorrow. (If the video below does not load you can find it here)

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Double All Ireland Champions

A big congratulations to the Cork Senior Football Team who were crowned All Ireland Football Champions for 2010. Cork are long time Dartfish users and it is great to see them end a 20 year wait for Sam.

And also a massive congratulations to the Dublin Ladies Football Team on becoming All-Ireland Champions in 2010. A lot of hard work and perseverance paid of for them. Helped of course by Dartfish.