Paul Earley – International Rules Manager

SPT_20131103_SPO_007_29463818_I1Rob was our analyst with the Irish International Rules team and did an invaluable job in providing the management team with timely, accurate and relevant data at all times. He was able to video all coaching sessions and games from both pitchside and behind the goal which meant both the management team and players had a wide angled full view when reviewing the games. Importantly, through his Dartfish tv channel, Rob was able to give us access to the video with a few hours at the end of the sessions and games. Working closely with the management team, Rob played a vital role in identifying and putting together various clips from our training games for our regular DVD analysis sessions with the players – time consuming demanding analysis work but extremely valuable.

During the test matches, Rob was responsible for monitoring our Key Performance Indicators and providing the relevant statistics to management at all of the breaks, and he did this with great accuracy.  This is crucial information as it can heavily influence the messages given to players at the breaks.

The analyst’s role in elite level sport is critically important and Rob’s extensive knowledge and experience of the game of Gaelic Football was a big factor in the success of the role during the series. Rob was a pleasure to work with at all times and will be an important member of the team in Australia next year. I would recommend Rob highly for any work in this area.