Waterproof Notational Analysis

We had such a great response to our post a few weeks ago on Video Analysis on a Budget which included Notational Analysis that I decided to do a quick blog on waterproof notational analysis!  It still plays a big part in sport, especially in amateur sport. The weather can play a big part in your note taking and for those based in Ireland and the UK at the moment will understand how bad the weather can get. So recently I went looking for a solution.

I found waterproof paper and waterproof pens;







Notational Analysis Pen







The notepads you can get in many different sizes as the one pictured here only cost $4. The pen, which will also write upside down as well as in the rain is only $8. Check out their site here

I think that’s a bit of a bargain, especially if notational analysis is something you do week in week out and live in one of the worlds wetter climates.

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