Cardioscan Airzone Workout for your cells

The targeted use of high altitude has been used up to now above all in high-performance sport. In the Cardioscan Airzone you lie in a relaxed, restful position and breathe in alternating low-oxygen and ambient air through a mask. Your cells will notice it immediately.

A workout for the cells Cardioscan Airzone

Negative stress can cause illness Slowing down is the answer!

Peace and calm are soothing for your soul. Your body works better when it’s able to break down stress hormones. It finds it easier to convert and absorb nutrients, and can break down fat more effectively. Spending just two 35 min sessions per hours a week for 4 weeks in the Cardioscan Airzone set you on the road to a healthier life but also supports your body in terms of targeted regeneration and the activation of cells.

The health effect of cell training

Regardless of which health goals you pursue (more energy, weight loss, concentration, fitness, relaxation or your complexion): the Cardioscan cell training accelerates all effects at the cellular level.
There is a real ‘metabolic boost’, Scientifically proven effects of the method include:

  • An increase in physical and mental performance and well-being
  •  Activation of energy metabolism, which stimulates the body’s own Q10
  • Support of weight loss by activation of lipid metabolism
  • Improvement of stress resistance through activation of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • An increase in vascular elasticity and regulation of blood pressure
  • Improvement of general circulation and oxygenation of the cells
  •  Activation of the immune system and self-healing capacity
  • Support for regeneration and detoxification
  • Stimulates serotonin, dopamine (‘good mood hormones’)

Get Your Metabolism Recharged

Lack of energy due to stress, overload and wear

No movement and no thought is possible without intact, vital cells and mitochondria. Many diseases of today’s modern lifestyle such as burnout, chronic fatigue, heart disease, vascular disease, obesity, poor concentration and a general decline in performance often have a common biological origin:

disruptions in the ‘energy management of the cell’. Mitochondria – the power plants within the cells – become noticeably and measurably damaged through stress, poor diet or lack of exercise. They lose their efficiency and start to increasingly produce free radical oxygen molecules.( (oxidative stress) These accelerate the ageing process in the cells. Too many of these so-called ‘free radicals’ are also considered by science to be the trigger for numerous diseases of modern civilisation.

Science and clinical studies

The Cardioscan cell training is the most advanced developmental stage of the so-called interval high-altitude air training which was developed in the 80s by researchers from Russia and the USA for pilot and cosmonaut training in terms of the safe adaptation of metabolism to high altitudes.

Due to the positive stimulation and regulation of a number of body functions, this method has been in use for many years for the training of top athletes and increasingly also for the treatment of degenerative diseases. There are comprehensive clinical studies to this effect.

More energy with less oxygen

The targeted use of high-altitude air triggers a short-term lack of oxygen in the cells (hypoxia), which in turn stimulates the body’s own adaptation and self-healing processes enormously. Thus, amongst other things, the highly-efficient (juvenile) mitochondria in the cells start to multiply.

This leads to an improved energy supply and the slowing down of the ageing process. The ‘tired’ (damaged) mitochondria do not survive this training stimulus and are metabolised by the cell (autophagy). This creates space for new mitochondria, which form by fission from the highly-efficient mitochondria. The distribution of various messenger substances also quickly restores the mental balance. This is perfect cell training for the organism.