Bio Cryo Recovery Garments


Our cold compression therapy system combines active cold and sequential compression therapies to provide maximum power to manage pain, reduce inflammation and speed healing for a wide variety of ailments.  BioCryo technology stimulates tissue repair by enhancing Lymphatic function, removing edema from the injury site and encouraging oxygenated blood flow to the site, leading to a faster recovery.


Bio Cryo Advantages

  • Convenient cold gel pack insert eliminates the need for ice and water.
  • The 4 sequential chambers of cold compression therapy is more effective than single chamber devices.
  • Pain management without the use of narcotics helps patients reduce their need for prescription medication.
  • Increased patient compliance-easy to use and comfortable to wear.
  • Shorten post-surgical recovery time.
  • Light weight and portable, the BioCryo is easy to carry and set up.
  • Get packs store conveniently in the freezer and stay ice cold for hours of use.
  • Unilateral and/or Bilateral functionality.
  • Wide selection of sleeves including Latex free custom garments for unique sizing.
  • Medically proven results to prevent infection and relieve swelling, soreness and fatigue.